Pastor arrested for falsely claiming that he can cure HIV and AIDS

Pastor Walter Magaya of Zimbabwe arrested for selling AIDS and HIV cure.

Walter Magaya got in trouble with the Zimbabwean law enforcement for selling unapproved and untested drugs to the public. He claimed that the drug could cure HIV and AIDS but the authorities found this to be false. 

The pastor is 35 years old; he came up with a drug that he called it Aguma AIDS and HIV drugs. He packaged it in sachets and sold it to people for undisclosed amount.  

Zimbabwe drug monitoring agency found out and they called the police to arrest him for contravening the country’s medicine control act and distributing unapproved medication.  

“ The herb is 100% organic. Why I say so is because we found out there are no side effects.”  Magaya  

The court filling disclosed that Magaya destroyed some of the medication before the police made it to his house but police still found him with enough evidence to charge him to court. 

Pastor Walter Magaya, plead guilty and he was fined $700 dollars and released. 

Zimbabwe has the sixth highest HIV prevalence rate in sub-Saharan Africa. 

About 1.3 million people were living with HIV, according to UN data compiled in 2016.

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