Pastor Joshua Iginla divorced his wife after disclosing that she cheated first

Pastor Joshua Iginla is the founder and head pastor of Champions Royal Assemble. The church was founded in 2013 and the Church’s headquarter is in Kubwa, Abuja.  He grew the church from a small household church into a mega church with many campuses around the world.   This pastor was recently scrutinized for building the biggest church in the world. His parish embarked on an 80,000 seats mega church project in 2014 and the project cost them over 10 billion Naira.  

The pastor and his church are back on the news. This time, they made the headline for an un-glorifying reason. He revealed how he and his wife cheated on each other to the church. He gave his wife terms and conditions after he found out that she cheated, but she violated it and he asked her for a divorce.  Pastor Joshua spoke to his congregation to confirm circulating rumors that he cheated on his wife and fathered a child outside his marriage. He exposed the other side of his family drama to his church member while righting his wrong.   He said he covered his wife’s infidelity for her for a long time. He told the church how his wife cheated on him and had a child by another man. They are about to divorce because, his wife started acting unruly when the same thing happened on his side. 

He asked his followers to pray for their leaders, saying that people can throw stones at him and abuse him, and that he is ready to take it before he started to explain what happened.  “  I and the mother in Christ (referring to his wife), we met and we had a wonderful marriage. Before we married we had our genotype test, she was AA and I was AS, it’s difficult for me to say but I have to say it. We went on to have a child and we found out that she had sickle cell anemia, and you see me pray for people with sickle cell and God has been doing miracles. I saw it as a battle and a challenge for me as a father, which is a trial of faith for me, which was not a problem, not a problem at all. I embraced my daughter and we had a good time in my family, but one thing led to another thing. Something happened which I don’t want to go into those details, and what happened is what will make a man to divorce his wife, I stayed, scripturally I have a backing for that, I have to cover it up to make sure that my marriage move with your mother (again he’s referring to his wife as the mother to the church) and that led to many thing, so many things. Because I am a man of God, I cannot divorce my wife. Because if I do all of you will say a man of God is divorcing his wife. 

I chew it as a pill and but eventually it brought an unholy child into the matrimony which became a pill for me to chew, I don’t want you to judge my wife or anything, I just want you to know that it led to that and brought me … we had serious battle here and there, family interventions, and everything, we covered it, we would have never gotten to this point if my wife had listen to me, I also went out to have a child outside wedlock”.

After he told the church about his infidelity, he went on to accuse his fellow pastors and his worker of take advantage of his situation. He said that they took advantage of his secrets and used it against him. Some men of God took advantage of this battle and some under me who are very bad, and feed on this battle” he added. 

He said that it’s been 7 years since he’s been battling the issue, but he is now done with the marriage.  “ I want you to take the blame on me but I want you to know that it started from this point to that point. As it is now, it has become a pain because when your wife began to fight you on everywhere you go, insulting you and throwing things… I have told her lets solve this in the secret and if we cannot solve it, I will open up to the world, I will confess my sins to the word, receive the insults and end this marriage and that’s what I am doing today” This was the moment the church realized that pastor Joshua Ighinla has decided to divorce his wife. 

He continue to say that she pushed him to cheating, and that his wife would provoke and send pictures to people just to insult him. He said that he begged her for 7 years  “ I have knelt down to her and beg her, but she wont stop”. “I am losing sleep, she has caused little children to insult him unnecessary,” he added but the church tried to interrupt him.  

He said he was ending his relationship but the church mumbled “ Nooo “.  

Pastor Joshua Iginla has officially separated with his wife Yemisi and they’d probably head to court to end the marriage legally. His daughter’s name is Sharon. Sharon and her mom Yemisi haven’t responded and the pastor’s baby mama haven’t spoken out either.  

We are not sure if the pastor has multiple relationships with other women, he only confirmed one case of infidelity to the congregation. 

Pastor Iginla’s church speech about his divorce and infidelity. Watch the video below.

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