Patoranking on daddy duty with his Cute daughter Wilmer

Patoranking had a daughter a while ago. He is very proud to be a dad and he loves his family. Although unmarried, he is in the life of his daughter and he has a good relationship with his baby mama.

The 29 years old rapper has a daughter that no one knew about before, he is not very vocal about his daughter and her mom in the past but he is now comfortable to show his daughter Wilmer to the world. He also named his upcoming album after his daughter.

Patoranking’s daughter’s name is Wilmer, she is a beautiful girl, see the picture below.

Who is Patoranking’s baby mama

Patoranking is a very private person, he got a lady pregnant and he decided to be private with his lifestyle. As a result, her name has not been revealed but Nigeriatunes can confirm that she is not Nigerian. His baby mama lives in London, and Patoranking and his baby mama are co-parenting effectively together.

Patoranking and his Baby mama and his daughter.

His daughter was born in 2017 and she’s still under 1 year old.

Leaked photo of Patoranking and his pregnant baby mama.
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