Pete Edochie is Really a Bad Actor Says Sugabelly, Nigerians React

Pete Edochie

A Nigerian blogger Sugabelly said Nollywood legendary award-winning actor, Pete Edochie “is a really bad actor”. The blogger took to her verified Twitter page to make this assertion and has let hell loose on herself.

Her argument is based on the notion that the 72 years old veteran has been playing “the same role his entire life” and that “acting isn’t quoting proverbs”. “But Nigerians live and die by seniority so the older he gets, the less anybody is able to point this glaring elephant in the room out”, she added.

She went further to point out people she considers as good actors. According to her series of tweets, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo di Caprio, and Brad Pitt are good actors because of their versatility.

She, however, said Nollywood veteran Joke Silva” is a pretty good actress but she overacts a lot. Not through her movements but through her voice. She always sounds as if she’s reciting Shakespeare when she’s meant to be chatting with her adult child at breakfast. Also, she doesn’t have much variation in roles”.

Nigerians reaction

Apparently, these her series of tweets have not gone down well for most Nigerians on Twitter. They have been attacking the controversial blogger and validating how great Pete Edochie has been in the best way they can.

For instance, @Aeeshamoh says: “I think it’s Nollywood that stereotypes them. If you start your acting carrier as a funny gateman, chances are those are the only kind of scripts you’d get. And before they know it, they don’t see themselves in any other kinds of roles”.

@ediological says: “Pete Edochie is soon going to become a trending topic. And while I didn’t think Sugabelly made sense in her assessment of him, I don’t think it’s enough to overcook the rice she boiled”.

@Vera_cruz10 says: “Quite frankly Pete Edochie is an excellent actor, he has been diverse since his career and right now he has mastered his craft, you want to know why? Give him anything he would perform, he is an elder hence his roles”.

@MrOkeke_ says LMAO. I can imagine a 72-year-old Pete Edochie playing lover boy trying to win Patience Ozokwors heart”.

@segalink: “When you are a giraffe and you receive criticism from turtles, they are reporting the view from the level they are on. Don’t let it freak you”.

@iamOkon says: “If you live long enough in this life, one day you’ll see people questioning if Pele is a football legend if Fela was a great musician if Michael Jackson ever made timeless music & also question Pete Edochie ‘s greatness. I pray you to live long enough to see all these unfold.

@austinaija says: “Sir Pete Edochie, someone said you are a bad actor. Maybe you should start playing a lover boy like IK Ogbonna”.

Miss controversy


Sugabelly who claims in her biography that she base in Nigeria and the United State of America has remained a controversial blogger since 2015. This was the year her name appeared in the websites of many Nigerian Newspapers.

She gained this attention when she broke the news that Mustapha Audu, a son of a former governor of Kogi state has a rape brigade which allegedly raped a 17 years old girl. Since then, nobody has heard much from her and the rape story.

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