Pictures – DMX is out of jail and living his best life

American rapper DMX was released from jail on Friday and he already regained his celebrity status. Everyone want to see him and take pictures with him.

People that saw him and recognize him took pictures with him and post it on social media. 

DMX was released from jail on Friday January 25th, 2019. He was sentenced to jail 12 months ago because he committed Tax fraud. His real name is Earl Simmons,

“he was being held at the federal correctional institution in Glenville, West Virginia,” – the federal Bureau of prison.

DMX was on drugs before he was incarcerated; as a result he looked like a crackhead (drug addict). He left the prison clean of drugs and alcohol. He gained some weights and looked much better than before. 

credit – TMZ
DMX, his fiancé and their son.
DMX and his Lawyer
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