Police Arrest Nigerian student ’Emmanuel’ for Drug Possession in Cyprus

Police arrested Uduakabasi

Narcotic team of the Cypriot police raided and arrested a social media influencer, Uduakabasi Emmanuel for drug dealing.

The Police arrested Emmanuel also known as ’uduakisbae’ for having hard drugs in her possession.

According to report, the police found three grams of Marijuana, packaged in a nylon bag while raiding her residence in Hamitkoy.

She was also accused of selling illicit drugs, in Cyprus where she is currently schooling.

The accused, however, admitted her crime in the court yesterday and pleaded guilty.

Judge Temay ordered that Uduakabasi be remanded in police custody for a day after examining the testimony.

However, she has been granted a bail of 5,000TL that is about N320k, because she is a student.

Meanwhile, the court told Uduakabasi to report to the police station twice a week. The trial is not concluded yet.

Basically, this Twitter user became popular in Nigeria when her friend accused her of being a lesbian. She is now a drug seller.

We got this picture from @famousblogng

Moreover, the investigation is still ongoing to verify facts about the crime in Cyprus.

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