A police officer Harasses CDQ that he’s a Yahoo boy.


Police officer Harasses CDQ that he’s a Yahoo boy. Nigerian rapper CDQ shares his current experience with Nigeria police. He reveals that a police officer harassed him, calling him a Yahoo boy.

He, however, reveals how nosy Nigerian police is when they see a good looking guy. They inspect unnecessarily, especially when driving a good car, using a good phone, wearing a nice dress, etc.

In his analysis, the Yoruba rapper says you will be suspected if you have a Mifi. Also, they will challenge you for using two or three phones. CDQ says it is difficult to deal with illiterate Nigerian police.

Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf whose stage name is CDQ dreams to become the president of this country to reform it. The rate in which the law enforcers operate is getting high, and the risk on the citizen is large.

The police are working diligently, but they abuse their power most times especially on the youths. No Nigerian youth must be seen showing wealth or living sufficiently, they will always get embarrassed.

Even, many other Nigerian celebrities have been a victim of this. Dotun of Cool FM, Dr. Sid, Yemi Alade, and many more have their experiences to share.

Consequently, not every good looking youth is into illegal businesses, some are into legit deals. Blogging, merchandise, online trading and so on are many ways the youths make their money.

The campaign to stop the police brutality is usually a trending matter on social media. Not only among the private citizens but the public figures too.

The question is as a youth should you dress like a beggar to avoid police harassment?. Since law enforcement agents are after those who dress neatly.

Likewise, Naira Marley is a victim of harassment as EFCC also charged him to court for fraud.

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