Popular male crossdresser, Jay Bugati claims to be one of the happiest women as she finds love

Nigerian popular male crossdresser, Jay Bugatti declared that she is one of the happiest women on earth because she is now in a relationship. Jay Bugatti took to his official Instagram handle to share the good news.

He uploaded a picture on Instagram with a caption where he wrote:

I am one of the happiest woman on earth right now!…. Finally I am in a relationship and trust me I love my partner.

Abuse of nature and identity, how a man will choose to dress like a woman and vice versa. Well, the country is yet to witness the birth of quite a number of them. The founding fathers, Bobrisky has paved a way for every other crossdresser coming after her. The famous crossdresser has won the hearts of many celebrities in the industry, only God understood how Bobrisky was able to preach her fashionable sermon of acceptance to hundreds of people both online and offline.

While many critics are compounded with the puzzle of what could have led a man or woman to start dressing like the opposite sex, the crossdressers are making money through various endorsement deals. Many critics have even said that it is an evil spirit that dwells in the heart of crossdresser, yet many of them attend church and mosque services and nothing is cast out of them.

The question that one needs to ask is what would be the gender of Jay Bugatti’s partner? Would he be in a relationship with a guy or a lady?

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