I Need A Sugar Mommy – Zlatan Ibile (Interesting)

Popular Zlatan Ibile says he needs a sugar mommy.

Popular Zlatan Ibile says he needs a sugar mommy. Interestingly, female celebrities have been having several sugar daddy relationships recently. In relation to this, their male counterparts are also ready for sugar mommies.

Recent updates shows a girl publicly flaunting her sugar daddy on Twitter. And several relating issues are showing faces on social media.

Subsequently, actress Nkechi Blessing got a private jet from her sugar daddy a few days ago. Also, she receives an engagement ring from him which she says ”Yes” to it despite having 3 sons with her husband.

The issue of sugar daddy is turning wild among young Nigerian ladies. Rumor has it that most of the female celebrities in Nigeria are also into sugar daddies.

The reverse is about to happen, as male celebrities also about to start sugar mommy relationships. Nigerian rapper and songwriter Zlatan is in need of sugar mummy urgently, according to him.

Seemingly, Zlatan whose real name is Ominiyi Temidayo Raphael is, however, eager to have the relationship soon enough.

In no time, the sugar mommy relationship will become rampant among young Nigeria guys too. Though, it has been existing and will increase now that a celebrity is in the show.

Zlatan enjoys making jokes out of everything. He’s a good singer, dancer, and joker. Actually, the sugar mommy thing is a prank, however, we wait to see the reaction of the announcement.

Zlatan is loved by his fans due to his sense of humour. He shares a post on his Instagram page saying he doesn’t know who loves Davido more. That as it is, he isn’t sure Chioma loves Davido the same way he loves Davido.

However, for Davido to gift Zlatan a chain, that means he loves Zlatan in return.

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