Pregnancy of Blogger Grace Ajilore Sparks Fire, See Why

Grace Ajilore taking a selfie months before the news of her pregnancy broke.
Grace Ajilore

In this age of social media and the internet as a whole, we need to be careful about what we preach online. Some people read, watch or listen to online content at the surface level. They take everything literary. No wonder most of them have been so surprised or probably bittered that Nigerian blogger and online personality, Grace Ajilore is pregnant.

In case you have never heard of Ajilore, she is a blogger as earlier mentioned. Her online contents are always about the evil of men and how women should handle them. She also gives lessons on how men should treat ladies and how ladies should be smarter when dealing with men.

Those are the areas her social media videos and posts always centre on. Little did she know that most of her followers have the perception that she hates men.

Before she shared pictures of her pregnancy on Sunday to the surprise or disappointment of most of her addict followers, she has been less active online. Her inactivity online earlier generated the speculation of her pregnancy until she confirmed it yesterday using pictures.

See the pictures.


In reaction to the pictures above, some of her followers and other social media users described her pregnancy as a win for men.

Grace Ajilore before the pregnancy

@badniggafela tweeted on Monday that “Fact that Grace Ajilore is pregnant, and a baby mama, after all the trash talking against men this 2019 alone is biggest own goal ever. Men FC already with a 15 points advantage in the league by December.”

@Bams_Jnr tweeted “Grace Ajilore sneaking to collect penis after dropping “men are trash” videos.

While @Adesewa_22 tweeted “Grace Ajilore left us and is pregnant haaaaaaaaaa! What happened to the dragons and the bins? I thought these men were dragons that belonged to the bin”.

Loyal Fans of Grace Ajilore

Grace Ajilore before the pregnancy

However, it was not all knocks for the pregnant blogger. She has some loyal fans who stood up for her while all the knocks were raging.

For instance, @TheHadassahh tweeted that “Grace Ajilore didn’t say don’t fall in love or whatever. She said, “know who you’re giving your time to, don’t settle, place value on yourself and set standards.” She talks about her man in her vlogs. I don’t know what all this ruckus is about…”

While @olori_Abeke tweeted: “Ok, I just went through Grace Ajilore’s page and is it that some girls are allergic to being given good advice? she didn’t even ask you guys to be foolish na… Example of what she tweeted to someone, I think she is just telling you all to be with men that treat you right”.

The war over another lady’s headache still rages on. In fact, as at the time of publishing this report, Grace Ajilore was the second most talked about person on Twitter.

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