Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong As Pastor Stops A Young Man From Prosposing To His Daughter In The Church Without Seeking Permission

Marriage they say is a beautiful thing that is when you find a spouse to compliment you in all ways. Which is why many men wants to make sure their proposal is perfect, but this particular proposal goes wrong.

Most times you see men proposing in public places whereas the lady might choose to accept, some ladies even decline publicly.

As soon as the declination it becomes an embarrassment to the man and a few people watching, people tag it as proposal goes wrong.

Recently, a man was seen proposing to a best lady in church during a marriage ceremony. As soon as the guy went on his knees asking the girl to marry him, unfortunately for him, the pastor joining the couple happens to be the young lady’s father.

The pastor immediately left the alter and requests that the man should to proposing to his daughter, asking him to stand up.

Interestingly, the pastor said before proposing to his daughter, the man needs to seek his permission. This has got many Nigerians wonder what kind of state practices such culture or is it the church’s doctrine of informing your father-in-law to be before proposing to his daughter?.

However, the pastor apologized to the young man, that he is not embarrassing him, he just wants to ensure that all protocol must be observed.

But now the young man has finally proposed to the lady and she has said yes but no one knows how he proposed this time. Probably her pastor father took the ring and assisted in proposing to his daughter.

See the video during the proposal:

Moreover the guy in this picture has finally spoken up:

I am the guy that got engaged and this took place in Soul Harvesters church. My name is Ehis Emokpae. I didn’t regret and will never regret any of my act.

I am so happy I engaged her in the presence of God and her biological parents was right there and the pastor is just a spiritual father. I am the guy and the family know me very well..

She accepted the ring that’s what matters to me. The bride is the elder sister to the girl I engaged. The pastor said it was the church doctrine not to do that. I have been quiet for days about this issue because i dont want to judge a man of God to the public… But the case is out anywaY.

The last prayer for that service was taking place already. The consent of a pastors is not needed before proposing to his member. She needs to accept getting married to you before reaching out to their various pastors,,, i see no wisdom in such act… Engaging your girl in the presence of God is the best thing as a Christian..

I dont believe that was the church doctrine. It was the pastors doctrine… And another thing, i wasn’t stealing someone else’s show. The pastor to the groom’s church wasn’t happy about what the brides pastor did in that service. Right in the service people where congratulating the both of us. Please no body should insult the pastor or the church Souls Harvester… I just want people to get the clear picture of what happened” 

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