#QueensCollege: Popular OAP, Toolz Shares A Different Opinion With King of Comedy Ali Baba

The student wearing eyelashes

King of comedy, Ali Baba and popular OAP, Toolz have shared different opinions on the issues surrounding a Queen’s College student coming to the school wearing eyelashes and painted fingers.

Ali Baba on his part defended the decision taken by the management of the school for sending the student home.

The student’s mother who had earlier dropped her off was holding on to the shirt of one of a security guard of the school. In the viral video, she alleged that the officer assaulted her.

Another video also showed a staff of the school holding the girl to film her in the presence of her mother for wearing makeup to school.

Ali Baba in his Instagram post, noted that every school has a prospectus and the security is the first administrator. He uploaded the prospectus of UK’s Queen’s College to back up his submission. Read below.

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This is from Queens College UK oooooo _ For all the people citing foreign schools and relaxed laws in the west for blaming the security and school for sending home the girl who wore long eye lashes, please note, there is a word called PROSPECTUS. Every school has one. _ When you fail to meet the stated requirements or your go against those regulations, the school calls you to order. _ Security in most schools are the first administrators of the school prospectus. Many help screen late comers, untidy students, minor offenses, truancy, incorrect dressing and loitering. _ In the case of many schools, admittance is usually controlled at the gate and the security are most times shouldered with that responsibility. _ Let’s not make this look like we are saints. If It’s not right then its wrong.

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Dragging her like a criminal

On her part, Toolz condemned the management for dragging the student while filming her make up.

Meanwhile, the Parent-Teacher Association of the school has said an investigation would be conducted to know what transpired. Although it condemned the parent for contravening the school rule with her daughter’s makeup.

Watch the video below.

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