Rachel Bakam marks Nigeria Independence Day with a date at a refuse dumpsite [photos]

Popular Nigerian actress, writer, TV presenter and producer, Rachel Bakam played out a creative ingenuity by celebrating Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day anniversary with a date at a refuse dumpsite.

Bakam, who is also an anti-human trafficking ambassador used the picture to depict the current disparity between the rich and the poor. Her poem also highlighted a system she described as ‘rot’.

Read the poem below.

Arise o Compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey

Oh our Nigeria; Rich yet poor

Oh our Nigeria; Wealthy yet impoverished 
Oh our Nigeria; While some sit on their high horses lavishly, others drown in despair and hopelessness 
Oh our Nigeria; While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer

Oh our Nigeria; When shall we wake up from this nightmarish slumber

When shall we stop wining and dining on the rot until all is fair for all? 
When? I say When? 
When will we end this charade of dancing on the pain of others 
When will Nigeria be the true Nigeria? 
A Motherland not a curse 
When? I repeat when? 
We need to smell the deep rot of lives languishing and dying. We need to realise that it is only a matter of time before our seeming beautiful boats sink

Just a matter of time 
Oh that Nigeria be fair for all 
Oh though I weep in my deepest core, here’s wishing Our Motherland a happy Independence Day. May we rise above the rot. May we collectively cleanse our land. So help us God Amen.

See some of her pictures below.

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