Read Davido’s comment that suggest that he could kill for Chioma and their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke

Nigerian loud singer, David Adeleke has made a cheeky comment online after a fan told him that he could lose his son Ifeanyi Adeleke to another man if the man should pay Chioma’s bride price before him. The internet troll explained that according to the customs and traditions of the Igbos, a man is never identified as a true husband until he has paid the complete bride price of his woman.

Whereas, there is no doubt that the singer must have spent fortunes on Chioma and her family, however, the Igbos culture does not still identify him as her husband until he pays the bride price.

The gist started when the sensational African pop star took to his official Instagram handle to advise single men not to always be the one chasing women around and act like they are being obsessed with women, rather they should man up and let the woman come asking.

See his post below:

When he was asked if his advice is meant for married men as well, the singer explained that the piece of advice does not apply to them (married men). Davido’s response suggested that the singer sees himself as a married man, probably because he is a Yoruba man. In the Yoruba culture, you are more honorable than many certified husbands the moment you take-up so many responsibilities from the family of your fiance.

However, he was made to understand that he is still a single man according to the Igbo culture, in fact, he is on higher purchase. The internet troll made him understand that as a matter of fact, he can still lose his son Ifeanyi Adeleke to another man if the man should pay for Chioma’s bride price before him.

Subsequently, Davido in his response made it known how much he loves Chioma and their little prince. His response was short and precise, he wrote: He will die. That means any man that tries to pay Chioma’s bride price before him after all the assurance he has given to the Igbo babe will die.

See his response below:

This disclosed that Davido’s love for Chioma is inseparable and the singer would do anything to keep Chioma all do himself alone.

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