Regina Daniels, 19 and her husband Nwoko,59 videoed clubbing together.

Regina Daniels can be considered a teenager because she just clocked 20 this year. She is a beautiful young actress and she’s been rumored to be married to a 59 years old billionaire.  Although Regina Daniels did not confirm that she’s married to him, they have been spotted together as a couple on dates to events and now at a club together.  

She was in the club with her friends and her husband; her husband wore white jeans and a black button up while Regina and her friends dressed in all black. They sat together in the club’s VIP section and as they enjoyed intimate time together.

Regina has been living a lavish lifestyle and people close to her believed that she’s spending her Billionaires husband’s money. She started her career as an actress but she’s no longer acting. However, she’s spending excessively. She acquired a mansion for her mom and bought 2 Mercedez Benz within 2 months.

Regina Daniels pictured with her husband Chinedu Munir Nwoko 

She’s trying to keep her marriage private while spending lavishly and inviting people into her business at the same time. Regina’s ex-boyfriend is Semodian Adinma. Internet trolls insulted him repeatedly since the news broke that Regina left him to marry a 59 years old man. Regina has also tried to maintain a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend, according to people familiar to the matter, her ex-boyfriend may leak her secrets to the media if she fails to make him happy.

Somadina Adinma Regina Daniels ex reacts angrily about Regina Daniels relationship with 59 years old man 

Her ex-boyfriend’s birthday was on May 9th, 2019. She sent a love message to him on her Instagram page.

“There is no other male friend that can take your part in my life. This is true because you have been the best of them since this day. Happy birthday baby ❤️ @adinmasomadina“, Regina wrote about her ex-boyfriend on her social media page.

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