Regina Daniels flaunts a £ 7,166 (#3.3 million) Rolex she ordered from London

Regina Daniels isn’t done with haters yet  … she flaunt a 3.3 million Naira Rolex watch and she doesn’t care what hatters has to say.

Regina Daniels has been trending for the past few weeks now.  She is clearly the most successful actress in Nigeria right now and she is only 19 years old.   She bought a house for her mom that cost top millions in Naira; she bought 2 Mercedes Benz within a short period of weeks. She flies private jet around Nigeria and she recently showed a receipt of a Brand new Rolex. 

She ordered the Rolex from United Kingdom. The Rolex watch cost £ 7,166.66 (3,403,778.34 Million Naira).   The watch was purchased in London and shipped to her in Abuja, Nigeria.  The Rolex is official, she shared the serial number of the watch and it was verified and registered to her. 

She wore the watch next her newly acquired Mercedes Benz. She snapped a picture and posted it on the Internet. 

Regina started her career as a child actor. However, her spending is way ahead of her movie role earnings says some Nollywood movie industry experts.   Internet trolls came for her when she started showing how large and lavish she’s living but she doesn’t care.   She posted this new Rolex watch to put pressure on haters. 

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