Regina Daniels’ mom complains of police harassment.

Regina Daniels and her family have become the talk of the town since she decided to marry a 60 years old man who is 40 years older than her. Her mom was accused of selling her because she married her off to a rich Nigerian man at a young age. And they are back in the news following Regina’s brother’s arrest.

Her brother has been arrested twice by the Nigerian police for undisclosed reasons and he was assaulted and arrested again today. The confrontation was captured on video.

Regina’s mom was angry, she confronted the police and asked them why they are harassing her and her family. “What have I done to deserve these harassments”, she asked in the video.

In the video, the police attempted to arrest Lawrence Daniels (Regina’s brother) and handcuff him but he resisted the arrest. He was overpowered, arrested and handcuffed away as the many people complained and resist the police officers. One person was hurt during the altercation. he was hit in the face; the young man claimed a police officer’s gun left him with a cut on his face.

Regina Daniels’ mother, Rita maintains that her son did not commit any crime and that the police refused to tell her whey they arrested him.

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