Reginal Daniels husband gift her another Mercedez benz SUV

Regina Daniels is living her best life this year. She’s been seen inside expensive, exotic cars around Abuja and Lagos. She flies private jet around Nigeria, she continues to spend lavishly and she doesn’t care what people think.

Regina said she woke up to a brand new Mercedes Benz gift but she did not reveal who gave it to her. “I would probably own a garage soon 
Woke up to this beautiful gift 🎁 “
She wrote on her social media page.

Regina Daniels, 19 and her husband Nwoko,59 videoed clubbing together

She is rumored married to a 59 years old man and she is enjoying her life and her husband’s money. Her husband’s Lamborghini is in the background of the picture below.

This new Mercedes Benz SUV is Regina Daniel’s 4th Mercedes Benz. She owns multiple cars and a few houses. She acquired most of her wealth after marrying Mr. Nwoko.

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