Runtown releases tracklist for his New EP titled “Tradition”

Runtown was formerly signed to Eric Many record label, he walked off from his contract, according to his former boss, and Eric Many and his partners took him to court. Eric Many accused Runtown of breaking his contract terms and they are seeking restitution. 

The case was in court for a long time, and it hasn’t been resolved yet. However, Runtown claimed the victory that he won the case against his former boss, but his boss claimed that Runtown lied about the victory. 

His former record label owner Eric Many record company was under the leadership of billionaire Okwudili Umenyiora. Okwudili alleged that Runtown lied to the public. He is the owner of the record label that Runtown signed a contract with and he is very vicious and angry because Runtown left the company to start out on his own. 

The record label claimed that Runtown owes close to 1 million dollars and they also want him to return the Lamborghini that they bought for him.

Runtown is unbothered, he is living his best life and taking a private jet from coast to coast. The case may go back to court; we will bring you more update as soon as they become available. 

Unbothered Runtown took private Jet and ignores his court case 

Runtown ‘Tradition’ EP tracklist

Tradition EP will be released under Runtown’s record label Sound God Music record label. All proceeds will go to Runtown and he former record label boss may not be able to gain from this album. However, Eric Many records may sue Runtown again, because they believe that he is still under contract with them. 

  1. Redemption 
  2. Emotions
  3. Tradition 
  4. Goose Bumps
  5. International Badman Killa
  6. Unleash (featuring Fekky)

Runtown’s “Tradition EP” consist of 6 tracks, and all the songs are together totals 20 minutes play time. 

The album was executive produced by Zamar Agu, and Runtown wrote the album alone.

List of producers that worked on Runtown’s ‘Tradition’ album

  • Del B produced Redemption track.
  • Spells produced Emotions and International Badman Killa tracks.
  • Elputo produced Tradition track.
  • Ransom beats produced Goose Bumps track.. 

Runtown songs on Nigeriatunes

Nasty C & Runtown – Said

Runtown – Oh Oh Oh (Lucie)

Music Video : Runtown X Nasty C – No Permission

DJ Neptune – Why ft. Runtown (Alternative Version)

Runtown – Unleash ft. Fekky

Runtown – Energy

Runtown – For Life Nigeriatunes premier

Money Bag (Official Audio) – Runtown ft. DJ Khaled – Ghetto University

Bend Down Pause (Official Music Video) – Runtown ft. Wizkid & Walshy Fire

Runtown – Successful

Walahi (Official Music Video) – Runtown

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