See Davido Riding Around Lagos like A King, Smoking Weed.

See Davido driving around lagos with his very expensive outfit and smoking weed. The artist shared a moment with his crew, in the car moving round lagos for God knows why.

Davido doesn’t act like a boss alone, he never fails to make his crew feel happy and comfortable around him.

Davido is however making preparation for his show “A Good Time With Davido” which will hold in Eko Energy City this December.

Fans of Davido are waiting in anticipation, for Davido’s performance to shut down the city of Lagos. Since he recently released the video of his song “Sweet in the Middle” featuring Zlatan, Naira Marley and Wurld.

They seem to be having much fun in Lagos traffic, Davido and his clique even shared videos of passersby jogging on the bridge.

Talking about the weed, hardly will you see any Nigeria artist who doesn’t smoke weed even if it is not legalized in the country. Smokers of this weed says it is more beneficial to their health when compared to cigarette. No wonder Don Jazzy calls for the legalization of weed/marijuana.

See Davido smoking weed:

Basically Nigeria government prohibits the smoking of weed and NDLEA are in charge of arresting and charging citizens who default. But why has none of these NDLEA gone after Davido?. That should be because he is quite rich and very influential.

Whereas sons are daughters of a nobody who smoke these weeds are always harassed for smoking Indian hemp.

None the less, December 27 is here, weed or no weed Davido’s fans are coming out massive to have a good time with Davido. Even if their true intentions is to be able to Compare Davido’s show to that of Wizkid and very soon they will start another argument on who is better.

Furthermore, watch out for Zlatan, Naira Marley, Wurld and Davido as they will perform live. Their combination will be a wow on stage.

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