See Mike Tyson’s brutal response to comedian Michael Blackson after he sent him a DM saying he wants to marry his daughter, Mitchell Tyson

American comedian, Michael Blackstone has reacted to the rumor circulating around that former world heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson is offering a whooping sum of $10 million to any man who is willing to marry his daughter, Mitchel Tyson.

The rumor was cooked up by some unknown persons that Mike Tyson is offering a couple of million dollars to any man willing to marry his daughter. The humorous comedian decided to react to it in a funny and dangerous way.

He sent a direct message to Mike Tyson telling the former American boxer that he was ready to marry his beautiful daughter. He jokingly said the $10 million is not the reason why he’s willing to marry his daughter but he won’t reject the money too plus he promises to give Mike Tyson some of the most beautiful, handsome and intelligent grandchildren.

See his message to Mike Tyson below:

In response, the legendary boxer warned the comedian not to joke or mess with his family. He stated that he doesn’t know the people behind such a rumor but he promises to deal with them when he finds out. Also, he reiterated his daughter Mitchell is in a relationship with a nice guy who is more cute and responsible than the comedian.

Mike Tyson also threw some jabs at the comedian which suggests that even if the news was not a rumor, he would not still give his daughter to the comedian because of his ugly black nature. He, however, has him a Stern warning to desist from pestering him further over the issue or else he will knock life out of him. Mike Tyson may have hanged the gloves for years but his powerful hands still belong to his body while he breaths.

See Mike Tyson response below:

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