See Teni Jumping on the Bed in a 7-star Hotel in Dubai [Video]


If you think you have seen all the craze Nigerian superstar Teniola Apata, popularly known as Teni has to offer, then, you have to have a rethink. The songstress took to her Twitter account on Friday, March 6, 2020, to share a video showing when she was taken to her room in a 7-star hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The music star who is known for always sharing with her social media followers especially on Instagram and Twitter, funny moments, allowed a member of her crew to film when she was asking an unidentified Nigerian man about the hotel they were checked in.

The man narrated the wonders of the hotel to Teni, describing it as a seven-star hotel in Dubai. While trying to make the musician understand why the hotel is so special, the man noted how the hotel often rotates, giving the occupants of the hotel variety of views.

An amazed Teni asked the man whether the room they were in was where she was going to sleep. The man answered yes, giving the singer more to be excited about.

To the amusement of the man and Teni’s crew who should be used to the crazy sense of humour of the singer, Teni began to recount how people doubted her but still ended up a superstar.

As if that was not enough, Teni mounted on the luxurious bed where she was meant to sleep and began to bounce on it as rigorously as she could to the amusement of those who had seen the video on social media.

“If I tell carpenter for Naija to make my room like this now, na another thing pesin go see!” the 27-year-old singer captioned the hilarious video.

Watch how Teni accepted her 7-star treatment here:

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