Celebrity Beggars – Zlatan Ibile And Teniola Begs Fans For Money

In Nigeria, it is a common trend to see Master of ceremonies (MC) beg fans or client’s for money during performance. But see Teniola and Zlatan ibile begging fans for money on social media.

It is common to see Fuji musicians sings praises of someone, in order for the person to spray them cash. But what do we say of hip-hop singers, Teniola shared her account number on Twitter and Instagram begging fans to start sending their birthday gifts to her.

See the post here:

Can you imagine, in a Twitter post, Teni’s elder siter Niniola jokes that Teni doesn’t need money since her account is full. Every of Teniola’s fan was surprised on seeing Teni begging. Is she not a billionaire again?

However, Teni was carried away with her begging, this shows when she greeted her sister good morning some minutes past 4pm.

See the tweet below:

Zlatan on the other hand is also requesting for Christmas gift from his fans. But guess what happened.

After Zlatan Ibile shared his account number a fan wanted to impress him. Due to over anxiety, the fan sent 50k instead of 5k. Now the fan has been shouting for refund of 45k on social media. He even claimed that Zlatan has blocked him on WhatsApp.

See the chats:

Nigerians like to familiarize, how can you have a broken phone screen, yet you choose to send money to someone who is probably richer than you.

Now Zlatan has refused to answer and refund the money. The poor man might even go broke and hungry this Christmas.

To see Teniola and Zlatan Ibile begging is quite awkward. Nonetheless, they won’t be the first neither will they be the last to beg fans. Even BBNaija Mercy begs fans for money to buy private jet.

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