See Teniola Jogging And Doing Pushups On The Bridge – She Says Her Stomach Has Gone Nuts (video)

See Teniola’s marketing strategy, she was seen jogging on the bridge and doing push ups in order to get fit for her show.

Couple of days ago Teni was seen hawking on third mainland bridge, distributing fliers and inviting people to attend her December 16th show.

She was also seen at the Saka Tinubu Square in Lagos with Minimie noodles dancing and also telling people to come to her show.

Interestingly, she got down from her car shouting that she is too fat and she needs to jog and keep fit. Teni added that her stomach has turned to something else.

After doing little rounds of exercise, what do you expect, Teni could not do 5 complete pushups before she quitted.

On the bridge, she made a public announcement that no more Pepsi, bread and rice. Teniola wants to start watching her weight.

Interestingly after a little jog she was already requesting for a plate of rice and Pepsi.

When Teniola was seen hawking on the bridge, her fans thought they had seen it all but now that she was running on the bridge they just knew that She has finally gone crazy.

Now Today is 15th, which makes tomorrow the day of her show. What will she do today?.

Interestingly about thousands of fans already promised attendance. As they can not afford to sit at home with all those marketing strategy Teniola did.

Fans are expecting a sold out show otherwise Teni might be heart broken. You cannot but love Teni, every member of her crew loves her. She is the only female amongst them.

The question is what inspires Teni’s greatest inspiration?, sometimes ago she asked fans what inspires them. But now the question should be directed back to Teni.

Not to forget, Teni is quite successful in her music career, sound cloud recently acknowledged Teni as the Nigerian artist to watch out for in 2020.

Also, she is on Google’s list of most searched Nigerian artist. Everyone wants to see Teniola and her stunts.

See Teniola’s marketing strategy:

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