See Why MI Abaga May Never Have Children [Video]

MI Abaga
MI Abaga

Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga alias MI Abaga has proven how much he hates being pranked through his comment on a viral video which showed three boys pranking their parents. What happened in the video was enough to make the rapper never to desire to have children.

In the video, three brothers dressed in military attire and toy guns decided to invade the room of their parents through the back door in the name of pranking them.

They forced their ways in and woke them up, in an attempt to make them believe that World War III has started. The man began to plead with them saying that he didn’t belong to any political affiliation and that they should not kill them for the sake of their three children.

Little did they know that the three children they were considering were behind the masks that were threatening them.

On the part of the woman, she continuously asked with trembling how they managed to get into the house. When the guys probably noticed that if they didn’t call off the expensive play, something terrible could happen, they unmasked themselves and told their parents that it was just a prank.

The woman furiously reached out to one of the boys and pounded on him saying that they knew she just got back from work and they wouldn’t let her rest. She got angry to the extent she had to announce to the boys that they would have to leave the house.

“And this is why I shall not be having any children”, MI Abaga, the 38-year-old rapper commented on the video.

Though MI is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in Nigeria, he is not in any known relationship. The only time since 2010 the rapper made headlines when it comes to dating was when Victoria Kimani, a former Chocolate City music label signee, reportedly dated him.

His fans and Twitter followers who reacted to his tweet said they have the screenshots of the tweet and are ready to hold him to his words whenever he decides to have children as against his tweet.

Check out the video and MI Abaga’s tweet here:

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