Senator Elisha Abbo caught on CCTV physically assaulting a female in a sex toy shop

A young female staff at a sex toy shop made reported a physical assault to the Nigeria police but she claimed that the police did not do anything about the case.

Her lawyer released the CCTV of the incident after the police refused to interrogate the senator involved in the case. The victim named Senator Elisha Abbo as the attacker and the encounter was captured on video. Senator Elisha’s voice was also released in the video.

Senator Elisha Abbo Cliff beat up a woman in a sex toy shop because she refused to drop the phone while he was talking to her.
Senator Elisha “ she called me stupid and disrespected me”. However, the video did not show the lady call him stupid. He slapped her 5 times and ordered the police to arrest her. Credit: Premium times.

According to premium times

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