Sex for grade Ghanaian Professor Gyampo vows to sue BBC

Prof. Ransford Gyampo from the University of Ghana has vowed to sue the BBC over its sex-for-mark video documentary.

Gyampo is a professor of political science in the country’s premier institution. He was implicated in a 13-minute video documentary released by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday, and he is ready to fight BBC.

The outspoken lecturer has denied the allegation of sexual assaults on many occasions. While describing the documentary as an entrapment, he insisted that he was never involved in the act.

The Don said he had been counselled to be silent over the matter. He also described the incident as ‘entrapment masterminded by a certain unscrupulous people, with the aid of BBC against him. He added that he will be suing the BBC for defamation tomorrow.

So I will keep some of the facts to myself for now. Let me state, however, that I have not involved myself in the BBC’s so-called sex for grades and will never do so,” he said.

Gyampo says no evidence

According to him, the video documentary evidence could not establish that he was involved in the act.

Prof. Gyampo has been teaching at Ghana’s Premier University for over 13 years

“I am aware of my University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and I have always adhered to its dogmas,” he added.

Pointing that since the lady involved in the conversation was not a student from the University of Ghana where he lectures, he, therefore, cannot decipher how he could manipulate the grade of a non-student.

“The BBC ignored all her contributions to our conversation. They ignored all the messages she sent to me. “

He also pointed out that all his objections and letters were written to refute their allegations were ignored in order to edit the video to suit their purpose.

“While I prepare to sue the BBC for carrying out the most bogus and unprofessional piece of a documentary in the world so far, I wish to remind them that Ghana and for that matter, Africa, has long thrown out the yoke of colonialism.

“I have not engaged in any so-called sex for grades and I will stay true to my calling in doing my best for God, students and country.”

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