Sex for Grade: Prof. Ransford Gyampo weeps inside lecture hall after BBC releases Documentary filming him in the act

A political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo wept in a lecture hall on Monday morning after he was caught in the sex for grades controversy.

BBC Africa Eye implicated him in its new sex for grade documentary.

It was also gathered that this is not the first time Don’s name will come up as regards the subject.

There have been several allegations of sexual assault by lectures in some African higher institutions. However, most of the allegations could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt without concrete evidence. After several clamours by female students, the BBC decided to carry out an extensive investigation. This, therefore, led to the discovery.

Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor was also filmed in the act. He requested to be a side guy of an undercover reporter. The reporter filmed him while acting as a final year student wanting to start her Master’s degree programme on the course he knew about.

Prof. Gyampo has been teaching at Ghana’s Premier University for over 13 years

Gyampo is an outspoken lecturer. Each time such allegation was raised against him, he vehemently denied it. It was also gathered that the lecturer usually suggested it was a plot by some politicians to tarnish his reputation.

‘Voice of reason’

Prof. Gyampo had boasted that in his 13 years teaching at the institution, no one has raised such allegation against him.

The Don is the Head of European Studies at the country’s premier university. In the viral video, he was seen requesting to marry a female undercover journalist posing as a student. 

The journalist had posed as a graduate seeking to do a study on a subject the Professor is known to have a vast knowledge about.

Meanwhile, a few weeks after accepting to be the mentor to the reporter, the Lecturer decided to call her on a Sunday afternoon requesting to pay a visit to her.

Having persuaded him to meet her at “the mall” instead, Professor Gyampo was also seen in excerpts of the video released on BBC making “numerous inappropriate demands.

Watch the video below.

‘Gyampo weeps’

Obviously, the lecturer was not aware of the video before getting into the lecture room.

Watch the video below.

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