Sexy actress, Moyo Lawal shares raunchy pictures with powerful caption

Nollywood star actress, Moyo Lawal has shared some sultry pictures online with a rapt message for naysayers. The popular Nollywood seems to have a powerful message for naysayers and troll who will stop at nothing until they say negative thing about her.

She wrote:

Sometimes I see some people type rubbish �……. So I need to clear up a few things and state a few #MLfacts, shall we?? ………… ……. I have been popular, since before i became an adult ( my first show ShallowWaters was a hit) meaning I have been here for about 14 years on and off ….. …… Yet I have never had an actual scandal, the only thing, you can find is me sort of exposing ( I boldly write sort of because ironically, I have never been pictured in a bikini that I have seen literally everyone wear, yes even on social media)

Neither will you hear of me sleeping about or for roles because my first show was a hit, i was living with my parents ( who provided) and I was making money on Television before I started doing movies, so I was never in a hurry to blow or desperate about roles because I had already worked with the best names on Television, so I knew it was just a matter of timing( I just did my auditions diligently, funny enough that was a lot of fun and most times, I was selected so I kinda felt I was moving in the right direction)

I am a very old Romantic soul that doesn’t exactly buy the idea of regular sex before marriage, the few people I have dated can tell you that, I am way younger than some 21 years in that regard�

Infact, if not that, I love too much, I will probably be married with kids by now…(ironic yes? , I know�, only people who actually love can get this not the ones who fall in love every year�)

So before you come and type rubbish, remember this,if not for discipline and her fear of God, Moyo will have snatched my man ooooh…. Then if you are a man, pray your girlfriend that is not even half as hot as I am has just 20%… Yes, Just 20% of Moyos discipline  

P. S .. you people dont look for my trouble, i just want to do the basics this year….. #Moyoorfierce #Moyolawal ❤ #ML”

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