Sexy dressed DJ Cuppy stops her workout session to twerk for her trainer

DJ Cuppy is a very fun person to be around. She loves to have fun, she can sing, dance and she enjoy working out in her spare time.  She knows that she is attractive and she likes to tease people a lot.

Lucky for her personal trainer, she is single and she’s ready to mingle.   She bends over on the mat, her phone was playing Nairamarley’s song Soapy and she started twerking bit by bit. Eventually, it became full twerk and her trainer had lots of fun watching.

She rolled her waist for her trainer to watch as he stood behind her in the back enjoying the view. 

She is an international DJ but she is currently in Nigeria and she is having a good time.   “ My trainer can’t dance to save his life”, she said towards the end of her twerk/workout session.

Who is DJ Cuppy dating?

She is rumoured to be dating someone and it’s private. Although she says she is a player, and this may mean that she’s keeping her options open. 

DJ Cuppy’s ex-boyfriends:  Asa Asika, Victor Anichebe. These are the two guys that she was public with. However, she’s dated many some other guys in between. 

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