Shocking: Online Doctor Explains Negative Effect of Using Antiseptic in Bathing Water

An online Nigerian doctor with Twitter handle @OurFavOnlineDoctor, has explained some negative effects use of antiseptic in bathing water. Contrary to some of the popular advertisements shown on television about the use of antiseptic. A Nigerian doctor online has given a series of explanations of the harmful effect of pouring antiseptic in bathing water.

In a series of posts by the doctor, she said, “there is NO evidence that adding “antiseptic” to bathwater makes it safer for you to bath. The idea that using antiseptic is somehow “superior” or “better” is a SCAM and a MYTH only used in marketing to defraud people. You do not need/have to add antiseptic to your bathwater.

Here are some of the reasons why antiseptic is not necessary or rather harmful in bathing water.

Read her post below:

On our skins and inside the woman’s vagina are helpful protective bacteria called “normal flora” which are like foot soldiers that defend and protect our skins and the woman’s vagina from outside infections. Antiseptic liquids kill and wipe away these protective footsoldiers”.

She added, “what happens next as you can imagine is the skin starts having infections and the vagina starts to have a bad odor, terrible discharge, and severe itching. This is why you notice that you become very dependent on the antiseptic soap/liquids and your skin can’t do without it”

She, however, made a shocking comment about the negative use of antiseptic in bathing water. In her statement, “In fact, if there’s any risk to the routine use of antiseptic liquids, it is the fact that they kill the beneficial bacteria from your skin and allow very dangerous and potentially antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria to thrive.

Interestingly, she advised Nigerians to shun the use of antiseptic in bathing water. Instead, she advised that they use clean water and soap.

However, she mentioned that antiseptic is not entirely useless. Only that Nigerians have been using it for the wrong reason all the while. She said, antiseptic is very good and healthy for washing the wound surface. Furthermore, a dermatologist may recommend an antiseptic for a short period of time if the expert thinks it may help, she said.

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