Simi insults a fan due to a baby question.

Simi was very angry at a fan because of the type of question the person asked her. Simi had a ask me any question post on her Instagram story, she asked people to ask her whatever they would like to know about her. 

She wrote “ Album is almost here so I am feeling like I want to answer some question. lets’ Go. “

The moment she invited people to ask her question a fan took advantage of that to ask her when she would have children.  The fan wrote, “ When do you plan on having a baby”.

She was offended by this question and she lashed out at the fan. She said “ When do you plan on minding your business”. 

Simi and Adekunle Gold married last year. It was a private wedding until the videos leaked. Eventually they told the world that they are now married and they normally flirt with each other on social media. Her preferred method of communication with her fans is via Twitter. Simi loves to interact with her fans via social media. However she likes to be private in the same process. 

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