Singer Waje is broke and she wants to quit music

Singer Waje lashed out angrily during a talk show. She told the people that she was talking that she’s tired of pushing money towards music because publicity is costing her a lot money. 

Waje (Aituaje Iruobe) is a singer, a songwriter and an actor. She was born on September 1, 1980. She is 38 years old as of March 2019 and she will turn 39 this year.

 She had a rough start at life after giving birth to a daughter at age 17.  Her daughter’s name is Emerald, she turned 19 years old this year (2019).   She started her music journey as a single mother and she’s been the only one supporting herself, her daughter and her family.   

She was asked about releasing an album in the video clip below and she responded angrily that she is tired of pushing money towards her music career. “  Maybe it’s fair to give it a rest and try other things for now. But I can’t have released an album after everyone have been shouting that ‘Waje your last album was years ago, we need a new album, when are you going to release an album’. All those people that are shouting   where are they? Where are those people?  …… That’s what I am saying I don’t have any money, let me speak it in pidgin, I no get money for publicity, I am not willing … Emerald’s school fees is there, there are things, I have 10 things in front of me, every single time, it’s been my music taking all the money from me” she said on a recorded video.  

Waje is a good singer, she’s released many good songs that fans fell in love with and she has a beautiful voice.  Sadly, Nigeria music industry cost a lot. Promoter, marketer, Radio stations and television stations charge a lot before they help musicians to get a show. Waje said she’s tired of all the spending and she is ready to quite music.  

Check out some of her song below

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