”spiritual movement” – Wizkid Replies To Sarz Tweet

Singer Wizkid responds to Sarz tweet a few hours ago.

Singer Wizkid responds to Sarz tweet a few hours ago. The popular Music Producer Sarz accused Wizkid of being disappointing. 

Nigerian producer Sarz earlier revealed that the international star, Wizkid also known as Starboy is usually scarce to see but he will make a promise. 

He practically fails promises. Therefore Sarz implores Wizkid to change this ways as 2020 comes. He revealed that everything was due to the singer’s irregular movements. 

Sarz says ”Wizkid! Love that guy! Wiz fit tell you say ”No worry tomorrow morning I go help you run that p” (knowing fully well he’s going to London first thing that morning) @wizkidayo this has to stop come 2020”.

While Wizkid replies that it is a ”Spiritual movement!”. They both made fun out of the conversation as it was regarded as unserious. 

Meanwhile, Starboy is controversial in nature. He barely ignores negative comments about him. Anyway, he already said ”spritual movement”.

In this regard, a spiritual movement literally means ”as the spirit leads”. It is evident that Wizkid was in a good mood. While Sarz also did not insult him.

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