Six hours into flight to Lagos, Delta airlines diverted flight back to Atlanta due to low visibility system

Delta airlines have diverted a flight heading for Lagos back to Atlanta Georgia due to low visibility. The management of the popular airlines ordered that the flight be diverted to Atlanta after six hours it took off from Atlanta.

A Tweeter identified as @ijei took to Twitter to share her experience. She explained that it incident happened due to the inability of the Nigerian Government to make provision for a functional Instrument Landing System (ILS) which enables flight take-off and land at the popular Muritala Muhammed International Airport.

In her subsequent comments, she reiterated the fact that Americans don’t like to manage things, they do things the way and manners it ought to be done. More so, the disaster of airlines is always too severe, it will be wise to avoid it as much as they can.

There are so many people in Nigeria who have died from circumstances that can actually be prevented. Things that should not kill us or things that don’t kill people in other saner communities kill Nigerians pitifully.

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