South Africans Want Burna Boy to Apologize or Stay Off

Burno Boy

Only God knows what is running through the mind of our self acclaimed “Africa Giant”, Burna Boy right now. It seems the war between him and South African rapper, AKA is about to hunt him badly.

The statement above is what the South Africans on Twitter are using against the Africa Unite Concert he will headline on 23rd and 24th of November this year.

He made the statement in protest of the incessant Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa then.

However, AKA reminded the South Africans about Burna’s tweets this morning when he demanded that the Afrobeat singer should apologize to South Africans.

Hence, most South Africans on Twitter have been speaking in accord, saying that if Burna does not apologize to them, he should not show up in South Africa.

In fact, most of them are urging other South Africans to boycott the show if the Nigerian star refused to apologize.

They urged Burna to be a man of his words and stay off South Africa. According to some of them, they are satisfied with the stars they have in South Africa and don’t need Burna if he won’t apologize.

Others even went as far as designing a similar poster Burna shared on Twitter a few days ago to confirm his attendance. They removed his picture and replaced it with the picture of an up and coming musician in South Africa known as
Daniel Marvin.

See the contrast of the two posters here:

Now, can this raving 28 years old superstar swallow his pride as AKA swallow his this morning and tweet his apology to the South Africans? Will he yield to the pressure the South Africans are mounting via Twitter and stay off the country? Or will the organisers of the event swap him for another artist? Only time will tell.

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