Special Spesh is desperate to reunite with Davido following leaked message about Davido’s girlfriend

Davido is upset with Special for his involvement in a leaked message that says that his girlfriend Chioma sleeps around with a lot of people. A journalist looking to target Davido to make things uneasy for him leaked the message. Kemi Olunloyo is out for blood to get Davido, she got her hands on a message that Special sent to someone and she leaked it. The message said that Chioma sleeps around and that one of Davido’s boys slept with her.

Special got caught exchanging a DM with someone saying that Chioma sleeps around. Although he came forward to separate himself from the allegation, the damage was done already. He said that he was setup. Still that was disrespectful and Davido felt betrayed. Special was dropped from DMW team shortly after that. He tried everything within his power to repair his relationship with Davido. But, it seems like Davido has made up his mind to exclude Special in all dealings going forward. Davido is in America so Special came to the USA hoping to link up with Davido but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Special turned on his location to notify Davido that he is in town but Davido hasn’t reached out yet.

Spacialspesh ( Davido friend) defends himself after messaged leaked that he said Chioma was cheating on Davido

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