Speed Darlington Boasts As Sowore Was Eventually Released

Since his return to Nigeria after 17 years, Speed Darlington has been having fun.

He has recently been criticising the federal government and said he is contesting for the Presidency in 2023. Many have been enjoying the joke though as he is still on the lookout for members that will join the party.

After ranting on many issues in the country, Darlington called out President Muhammadu Buhari to release Omoyele Sowowre the convener of RevolutionNow protest

“Banger, the irregular speedometer, scorpion king. Ekwueme number one. I said it, and it happened. Why didn’t they release him yesterday? Why didn’t they release him in the morning? The moment I said free Sowore, four hours later, Sowore is released. Mr. Talk I do, I am the next president of Nigeria.

“Sowore, never forget, I am the only artist, who spoke up for you. Nobody, not even the Oduduwa brothers ever spoke up for you. Omo Igbo spoke up for you.

“Never forget, PAP 2023,” he was heard in the video.

It appears Buhari heard the criticism of Darlington, right? lol

When many Nigerians criticising the president will be happy that Sowore and Former Security Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo Dasuku, who had been behind bars for over four years after several court orders that granted them bail.

Dederenge is obviously feeling fly over his perceived call.

Darlington who is on his way to Jos is obviously ready to enjoy his time as he is currently enjoying the Christmas celebration on the road.

President Buhari has been commemded for the action on the matter has many had accussed the administration for lack of respect for the judiciary.

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