Stefflondon flirts under Burna Boy’s IG post, she wrote “ My King “

Burna Boy and his rumored girlfriend Stefflondon are going strong with the relationship and they are not afraid to tell the world that they are a thing. A very good thing. They were seen in the public kissing, making out, holding hands, and sharing private places together. 

The rumor started earlier in 2019, when a picture of Burna Boy and Stefflondon in bed leaked.  Stefflondon quickly said that they are not having sex right now, “ He aint hit it yet, but that’s my boo” she said. 

We have been seeing more and more of them since then.  They vacation together and they spend many hours together daily.  

Burna Boy posted a picture and he wrote, “ N*gga I was down but I made it to the top right now! “, he was talking about when people wouldn’t pay attention to his music but soon the record YE blew up on the charts, people are now chasing him around with money.   

Stefflondon commented and wrote, “ MY KING with  (with 2 emojis).   She probably said that so she could mark her territories.  

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