Stormzy Reveals How He Rejected Collaboration With Jay Z


British born rapper, Stormzy said he refused to allow the legendary American rapper Jay-Z to feature on his hit track ‘Take Me Back To London’ because the feature would have changed everything about the song.

He said though Jay-Z has been his hero in the game, he loves the song so much to allow him change the direction of the song.

The London based rapper disclosed this recently while speaking at “The Jonathan Ross Show”.

‘Take Me Back To London’ is a chart-topping hit which featured British singer Ed Sheeran.

Jay-Z supposed to feature on the song. According to Stormzy, the American rapper has even gone into the studio with Stormzy and Ed to write the lyrics for the song before Stormzy told Jay Z that he didn’t want him on it.

The encounter between him and Jay Z

While narrating the encounter between him and Jay-Z, Stormzy said when they were writing for the song, Jay-Z stopped the music and asked him to tell him about London. He and his manager told the American rapper everything they know about London.

At the end of their conversation which he said lasted for one hour, Jay Z asked him what he thought about the song.

He said: “At the end, he (Jay Z) was smiling, we were probably talking for an hour and he goes, ‘So what do you think of the song?’… I had verbal diarrhoea.

“I was like, ‘I know how it goes, Mr Z. You are the most brilliant, busy man and I will probably never get this opportunity ever again but hand on my heart, I don’t think this is the right song for us.

The London rapper said he didn’t know why he was saying that “but this is not the song… I was like, If you (Jay-Z) didn’t ask me this, I would have just written my verse and we would have done it and I would have never questioned it but now that you’ve asked me, no.”

He noted that he felt “proper bad because I was like, You’re saying no to Jay-Z!” He, however, added that when they met afterwards, Jay Z told him that he understood his position and he acknowledged his courage for taking such a rare decision.

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