Stray bullet from SARS police killed a soccer fan watching football

The public is shouting that the government should bring an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad ’SARS’ due to increase violence and negligent in their hands. There are many videos of violence, illegal use of force and reckless killing in the hands of Nigeria SARS members circulating the internet. Yet the federal government of Nigeria is yet to get things under control to ensure the public’s safety.

SARS was created by the federal government in other to tackle robbery, extortion and crimes. However, this same group is being accused of breaking the law carelessly. The public accused SARS operatives of unlawful arrests, detention, murder and extortion.

This new video shows a man being rushed to the hospital after a stray bullet that came from a SAR’s officer’s gun shot him. He died before he made it to the hospital.

“SARS Shot at people and stray bullet hit this innocent Guy that was watching Football this afternoon. He has died eventually after he lost too much blood. May it never be well with new inspector General Of Police that brought these animals back into our Society?” – Says the person that post the video on twitter.

The Identity of the victim has been revealed. His name is Kolade Johnson, he is the only son of his parents. Kolade Johnson , RIP to the young Nigerian that was carelessly killed by SARS at Mangoro bus stop