Submitted: Afro-pop Singer Ashleye Scarlette Hits Back with ‘Nikuamini’ Single

Afro-pop star Ashleye Scarlette is back with one of her most vulnerable
releases to date.  “Nikuamini” is a standalone single from the singer based
on her personal experiences.

The new track, her first of 2019, is an impactful dance-tinged ballad that
puts the emphasis on Ashleye Scarlett’s expressive vocal tone as she flits
between airy breathiness and powerful, sweeping belts. Lyrically, the song
relays the artist’s sense of assurance and focuses on a relationship that
might end in sorrow despite her putting her trust in it — “Nifanye
Nikuamini,” she sings — and shares how the singer wanted to hold onto it
even though she knows that it was something she needed to turn away from.

A deep Afro-pop track, “Nikuamini” is a tempo-shifting dance song that puts
the focus on her synergy as a vocalist. It seamlessly flits between the
breezy tones of the vocalist and her gruffer deliveries to create a vibrant
soundscape soaring with shimmering synths and groovy beats.

The music video for the song bring even more focus on the theme as
portrayed in the lyrics with the director capturing scenes of the singer
having a conversation with the said lover then back solely onto the star,
doing away with the flash and flare often associated with the world of pop
and instead pans over the normal union of a couple in argument.

Watch the music video for the new song “Nikuamini” below

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