SUG President of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro caught in full regalia during cult meeting (Video)

Newly elected Student Union Government President of the Federal Polytechnic of Ilaro, Comr. Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji has been arrested after he was caught in full regalia during a cult meeting within the school premises.

In a video that has found a way into the internet, the student Union leader was seen been humiliated by his fellow student after he was caught and apprehended.

See video below:

It has become a thing of worry about how student Union leaders venture into cultism like it a prerequisite for becoming a successful union leader. Well, that fact can not be disjointed from the nature of Nigerian politics.

The Nigerian politics is not a game for the feeble or fainthearted, it is a game meant for the strong and highly dangerous individuals who will stop at nothing until their selfish and ambitious aim is fulfilled.

This fact alone has made cultism an intricate part of the Student Union leader’s life. Many of them joined the secret group as a means of protection against those who might want to attack them since they share similar interests.

It is, however, regrettable that those who are meant to be leaders are the ones perpetrating evil and heinous acts within the school premises.

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