’Pete Edochie is a bad actor as well as Jackie Chan’ – Hilarious Tweets [Twitter trend]

Nigerian blogger and Illustrator, Sugarbelly criticizes Pete Edochie, calls him a bad actor. According to her, Pete has been playing the same role all his life – Twitter users got back at her.

Still, the criticism is supported and opposed, from a different point of view. Nevertheless, Pete is a 72-year-old Nigerian actor. He’s considered one of Africa’s most talented actor. He has received honors from Africa Magic and Africa Film Academy. 

Sugarbelly criticizes Pete Edochie

Twitter is definitely known as a platform of comics. The users reply to any uncommon update faster than a computer system. Besides, the networking method of Twitter users is wonderful. 

According to the replies, Pete keeps playing the role he’s really good at. Just like Jackie Chan is good at Martial Arts Movies. Rotating from one role to another isn’t reasonable in acting. 

Pete Edochie and Jackie Chan

One twitter user then said ”if Pete Edochie is a bad actor because he plays the same role every time, that makes the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Robert Downey among others, bad actors too. 

Jackie Chan is known for his martial art skills and stunting roles in every movie, does that make him a bad actor?. In the same vein, Pete is well known for his roles in movies and TV series like Things Fall Apart, The Lions, Evil Men to mention few. 

However, according to research, there are many types of characters. They varied according to their Natures and Personalities. It is arguably, not suitable to switch the style they are used to. 

Sugarbelly’s statement.
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