Tacha Sues Blessing Okoro For Defamation And Requests 20 Million Naira For Compensation

Natacha Akide popularly known as Symply Tacha sues Blessing Okoro for character defamation and also demands 20 million naira for compensation with an apology.

Blessing Okoro who has been dragging out Tacha, calling her all sort of names including a nobody and an orphan has been charged to court.

Tacha’s legal team sues Blessing Okoro a Nigerian actress and relationship therapist after making series of defamatory statement.

However, some days back Blessing accused Tacha of trying to assassinate her after her car was bashed by an unidentified man. Tacha did not address the situation, she only did a video saying she won’t answer people who call her ungrateful. If they need answers they have to pay her.

As soon as she made derogatory statements about Tacha, Blessing reports that one vinny blogger threatens to kill her if she continues to hate on Tacha.

Now, Symply Tacha’s legal team sues Blessing for defamation also requesting for an apology to their client Tacha. Plus a total amount of 20 million naira as compensation.

Since Blessing has circulated so many defamatory statement and even threatens the life of their client Tacha.

Blessing said she will make Tacha miserable to the point of her committing suicide. That is a threat to Tacha’s life.

See the copy of the court order:

Many Nigerians feel this is a medium of Tacha and her titans trying to extort Blessing Okoro. They believe tacha is broke and needs the money.

Moreover, Blessing has not complied to their request, certainly they will have to meet in court.

But noticeable fans are saying why was Tacha not sued for making derogatory statement about other BBNaija ex-housemates.

Additionally, Blessing Okoro is trying to prove how rich she is. She asking how to make the payment of the 20 million naira. Cash or cheque?

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