Tacha’s Video Call With Twitter Owner Was Fake

Tacha has been bursted for faking a video call with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Bbnaija Tacha has been bursted for faking a video call with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. So Tacha’s video call with the owner of Twitter is fake.

A few hours ago, Tacha shared a video of herself on a video call with Twitter owner Jack Dorsey. Report says he was in Lagos recently.

However, Tacha’s aim was to wish him a happy birthday, but it has back-fires. Als, her intention was to impress her fans and intimidate her rivals.

Meanwhile, when her fans saw the video, they started bragging. They were happy their favorite queen was becoming recognised world-wide.

Unfortunately for Tacha, some Twitter users disapprove her video call. They claim she used a sophisticated app to fake the call.

Consequently, a fan even went as far as sharing his own video with Twitter CEO just to prove Tacha’s lies and pretense. Tacha has always been pretending even during her stay in the game. She continues after the show and it has bounced back.

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Basically, Mercy’s fans wherever they are will not stop to make jest of Tacha. Because the struggles between them still continues.

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