Tacha To Host Mayorkun Music Festival In Lagos – Zlatan Threatens To Sing “Kilonrun”, A Song He Released Insulting Tacha Of Having Body Odour

Disqualified Tacha sets to host the Mayor of Lagos music Fest alongside Dadaboyehiz which is scheduled to hold on the 14th of December 2019. However, Zlatan threatens to sing one of his tracks to insult Tacha.

Mayorkun on the other hand acknowledged Tacha as the host of his show. That is to say the music festival will be filled with Titans.

It is her fast time attending a show in Lagos since her disqualification. Also it is her first time hosting a show. Fans are waiting for his she will deliver at the program.

Since, some people believe Tacha has a down syndrome and many others believe she is dumb. As seen in the Big Brother’s house.

Hopefully, Mercenaries might not attend the show because Tacha is hosting. But if they do they will going to mock Tacha as always.

Probably, this Mayor of Lagos Musuc Festival will be the first meeting of Tacha’s Titans and Mercy’s Mercenaries. Some fans are however wishing the two parties don’t end up scattering the even with their hatred for one another.

Interestingly Zlatan Ibile threatens to sing One of his song, he sang to insult Tacha for having a body odour. As Tacha sets to host Mayorkun’s event.

Titans are already tongue-lashing Zlatan even before that day, some even threatened to beat him up.

See the conversation that ensued as soon as Mayorkun shared the post on his Instagram:

Now Instagram is on fire as about 414 fans commented under Zlatan’s post. Some even supported he sings “Kilorun”. While others are not so happy about it. Some believe Zlatan Ibile is just a bully, others feel Tacha deserves to be bullied. They called it Law of Karma, payback for what Tacha has done in the past.

Majority of the fans are keeping their fingers crossed to see the result of the Mayor Of Lagos Music Festival.

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