Shocking! Tacha’s Fans Are Planning To Get Her A Car On Her Birthday!

Tacha’s fans plans to get her a car

Tacha’s fans plans to get her a car. BBNaija’s Tacha is likely to get a car as a present on her 23rd birthday. Tacha’s fans popularly regarded as the Titans plans to gift Tacha a car on her 23rd birthday.

In relation to this, the birthday of Anita Natacha Akide famously Tacha is coming up on the 23rd of December. Originally, the gifting is a secret but the excitement of getting a car triggers a fan to post this on his Twitter account.

However, they are considering buying a Benz car or a Range Rover for the disqualified housmate Tacha. More so, the Titans have a secret Whatsapp group for the cause.

It is not just the end of greatness for the former bbn housemate Tacha. Even after leaving the show a few days to the end of the game with disqualification. Still, she is doing good, has more fans and followers. Even she has the strongest fans.

Meanwhile, Tacha has always been a great competition during the game and even after the game. The other housemates struggle to get in line with her. She keeps elevating the more they try to catch up with her.

Her Titans are subsequently getting a car and proposes to contribute one thousand naira each. The estimated amount for the car is 12million naira while it goes around 12 thousand people.

Moreover, if their plan works out, Tacha’s 23rd birthday would be the best birthday for her. It will be her 23rd birthday celebrating it on the 23rd of December and getting an exotic car as a gift from her lovers.

Hopefully, her fans will be true with the promise to her because all their actions aims at oppressing Mercy, her rival.

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