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Angry housewife strips husband’s side chick naked in a hotel in Benin (Video)

An angry housewife has attacked and stripped her husband’s side chick at a hotel in Benin. In a recent video posted online by a tweeter with handle, @cookie showed the moment an irate housewife stormed a hotel in Benin and embarrass her husband’s side chick. See videos below: This is the era of housewife bursting […]

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Nigerian woman lay curses on corpse of her husband who died while having sex with side chick (Video)

Men and infidelity, they are almost inseparable. The insatiable nature of man can make them do anything. An unidentified Nigerian woman has placed several curses on the corpse of her dead husband who allegedly kicked the bucket while having sex with a side chick. In a video retrieved online, the unidentified woman was seen laying […]

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Video: Nigerian woman disgraces husband’s side chick at Ikeja Mall

An unidentified Nigerian woman has given her husband’s side chick a national disgrace at the Ikeja City Mall (ICM). The supposed housewife had trailed her husband’s chick to the mall where she disgraced her. A video from the scene was uploaded online. See the video below: In the video, the supposed woman was seen harassing […]

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