TBoss of BBNaija Weeps and Begs Social Media to Leave Her Daughter Alone [Video]

TBoss and her Daughter
TBoss and her Daughter

Former housemate of Big Brother Naija Season 2, Tokunbo Idowu alias TBoss could not control her tears as she took to her Instagram Live on Sunday, February 16, 2020, to beg Social media trollers to stop cyber-bullying her daughter.

The Ex-BBNaija reality TV star who sobbed uncontrollably stressed via the video that though people describe her daughter as “Ugly and Unspecial”, she is her greatest and biggest achievement so far in life. The media personality described the baby girl as a blessing who she loves so much.

TBoss insisted that her baby who was born in 2019 to an unknown father has many aunties who have been showing her genuine love and care. She went as far as cursing those who have been insulting her child, saying that those who have been doing such a thing would not carry their own children.

She admitted that she is very emotional and has a “reckless mouth”, noting that she has been trying to remain silent all this while since people always misinterpret whatever she tried to say.

TBoss urged people to be mindful of their words and should stop “casually walking” into the comment section of her page.

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She said: “You have a very unspecial and ugly child. Leave her like that for me. This is the best thing that has happened to me. I am a very proud single mother. I have amazing friends and they love her so much. My baby has so many aunties who genuinely love her and take care of her. My child is my greatest achievement. my biggest blessing and I love her so much. For you to come and tell me that my child is not special, you will not carry your child,” she said.

“You cannot casually walk into my page for me to come and see, do you have a brain? How can you do that? People need to be mindful of the things they go and say. You might know me as TBoss the celebrity but I have been TBoss, the big sister, TBoss the loudmouth, TBoss the friend to my family and friends forever. And apart from that, I’m a very emotional person. I have a reckless mouth so I try my best to behave myself because my mouth puts me in trouble because no matter what I say, I would be misinterpreted.”

Watch TBoss Sobbing Heavily as she begged social media trollers to leave her daughter alone

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